• Lajos Sarkozy Jr.


  • I’m born in Budapest Hungary 29 april, 1991.
    I come from a musician family I am the 7’th generation.
    First my Dad started teaching me on Violin and then I went to music school when I was five years old. Later when I was thirteen years old I went to Franz Liszt Music Academy Special Talent Class. I played on lot of tours with Classic,Gipsy and Jazz music. I played with many musician’s. I am also doing tours now all over the world like session musician and in many bands and also like a solo violinist. When I was fiftheen years old I made my first solo album called “I Am Only Fiftheen“.


    2002,2009 Ede Zathureczky Hungarian violin competetion : First prize
    2005: International Telemann violin competetion: First prize
    2006: International Gabor Radics Jazz violin competition: First prize
    2013: International Janos Lavotta gipsy violin competition: First prize
    2013: MTVA- Hungarian Television prize.
    2014 : Junior Primas Prize

  • Tibor Lugosi Jr.


  • I am born in Budapest, on 22 October, 1976.
    I come from musician family.
    I started my music studies at violin factory, when I was 7 years old.
    I studied the classic music from Ildikó Mahay and the gipsy music from Gyula Farkas, the bandmaster of Rajkó Band.
    At the conservatory of music in Vác I was pupil of Mátyás Környei.
    I learned the basics of gipsy music from the great bands of Gellért hotel and Gundel restaurant.
    Then I passed the O.SZ.K. exam and I formed my own band.
    The main stations of my performances: In 1995 India, in 1996 Thailand, in 1997 Izrael, in 2000 Bahamas, in 2003 Japan, in 2004 Iceland. I performed almost the all country of Europe.
    In 2006,at the Carpathian basin primate competition I won the first prize.
    My first album published with Souvenir from Budapest title.
    In Budapest I perform in a great folklore show with huge success evening by evening. From 2014 I am one of the soloist of The Gypsy Philharmonic Orchestra.

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  • Laszlo Racz


  • He is a descendant of a very old famous family of musicians. He is an eighth generation of the legendary musician Rácz family.
    Laci was born in 1968 and his father had planned a career in classical music for his son.
    At first he learned to play the violin and the piano, and although he proved very talented in both instruments, his heart on the cymbal drew him, much to his fathers regret.
    At the age of nine, his father finally allowed him to fully learn to play the instrument.
    He received a classical education as cimbalom player and entered the Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest, when he was 14.
    He studied under the direction of Ferenc Gerencser and graduated in 1988 at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in the same city.
    Towards the end of his studies, he was increasingly attracted to gypsy music and asked entry to the world famous Hundred Gypsy Violin Orchestra member, where he played cimbalom player for several years as a solo.
    He played in other legendary gypsy bands also. Since 2000 he is a member of the large Roby Lakatos Ensemble in Bruxelles. Then he left the band Lakatos and returned to Budapest, the founding of the NEW TREND BAND with his friends.
    Laci decided his three favorite types of music, gypsy music, jazz and classical music, he founded a new ensemble by adding to connect together his old friends from all corners of the world. As of 2010, lives in Vienna, and it plays several bands, jazz and folk style.

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  • Gyula Csik


  • I was only 5 years old, when I started my musical studies at the Preparatory Music School, then on the violin, but on the influence of my father and as the result of our tradition my interests turn to the cymbalom.
    This interest in future studies in the Tóth Aladár Music School and in the Bartók Béla Secondary School of Music under the wings of Ágnes Szakály insturctor developed into a passion that lasts until nowadays.
    My first significant performence was in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, at the age 18, which has strengthened commitment my love of classical music career.
    After that I had the pleasure to play different countries of the world in the company of many great and talented musicians, whom I could learn the secrets of the professionals. These experiences, I am still of great use.
    I performed in Jr. Ferenc Sánta, Roby Lakatos, Miklós Lakatos orchestra regularly.

    Some memorable performances and concerts:
    – Israel: Tour with the operetta of Imre Kálmán: Countess Maritza
    – Cremona, Italy: Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona – performance with Hosszú „Legoczky” Géza violinist
    – Lion, Paris: Church concerts
    – Salzburg, Austria: Mozarteum / Salzburger Festspiele – I was allowed to perform in the same show, where the world famous and respected cellist Mischa Maisky and the greatest pianist Martha Argerich were planned.
    – Tokyo, Japan: Suntory Hall Concert Tour – with Hosszú “Legocky” Géza and his band
    – Taranto, Italy – In the Orchestra ICO della Magna Graecia under the direction of Luigi Piovano we have played among others from Maurice Ravel (Tzigane), Franz Liszt (Rhapsody II.), Pablo de Sarasate (Gypsy songs)
    At present, in addition to my own band, I travel the world with Jordy Savall Baroque music artist and promoting his new album.

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  • Elemér Duka


  • I am born in Budapest on November 2nd, 1991.
    I started my music studies at Joseph Town Elementary Music School, when I was 5 years old, with professor Kellerné Gergely Katalin.
    At the age of 11, I went to the Bartók Béla Secondary Music School Preparation Class for Young Talents in Budapest with Professor Laszló Szilvásy.
    Since September 2010, I’m studying at Vienna Conservatorium’s String Department, classical cello, in Budapest with Professor Joseph Podhoransky.

    – Master Courses
    2005 Cello master courses with Professor Joseph Podhoransky (Baja,Hungary)
    2006 Cello master courses with Professor Joseph Podhoransky (Besztercebanya,Slovakia)
    2009 Cello master courses with Professor Jonathan Cohen (Baja,Hungary)

    – Competitions
    2003 Antal Friss National Competition, 3rd place (Szolnok, Hungary)
    2008 Ottó Kertész National Competition, Special Award for an outstanding performance (Budapest)

    – Orchestral Experience
    1999 -2002 Youth Orchestra of the Aladár Tóth elementary Music School
    2004-2008 Symphonic Orchestra of the Bartók Béla Secondary Music School
    2009 Chember Orchestra turn in Venice with Professor Norbert Duka, 1st cellist
    2011 Martha Argerich Project with Geza Hosszu Legocky, 1st cellist
    2012 The Bohemian Virtuosi and Geza Hosszu Legocky, 1st cellist*

    *Invitation i got in August 2012 at the Swiss Mistislav Rostropovich Scholarship

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