French tour 2015

The French tour has begin on January 24th in Voiron, then Lyon, Vichy and Tours.

Tonight the Orchestra is stopping in Niort at L’Acclameur. Everybody enjoys this tour in the Orchestra, and we thank people to be so warm with us !

We’re happy to announce you that a new DVD will be recorded in Cannes on the last concert in France. It will be recorded in full HD, so we may have our first BLURAY to show you, it will also be released in DVD.

If you’re in France and wanted to here us, the tour is not finished, you watch us in Strasbourg, Nancy, Besançon, Valence and Cannes for the last concert on February 7th, 2015.

For more informations, please go to schedule

  1. Blesson

    Merci pour ce beau concert à Cannes samedi dernier. J’aimerai être informée par mail de la sortie du DVD tourné lors de ce concert pour l’acquérir aussitôt. Cordialement

    • Arthur - 100 Violins

      Bonjour, pour être informé de la sortie du DVD, il suffit de s’inscrire sur le formulaire de newsletter en bas du site.

    • Arthur - 100 Violins

      Thank you!
      Yes we have, the association is Hungarian Gypsy National Ensemble.
      You can also follow the orchestra on our Facebook, google+, youtube and twitter accounts.

      See you soon.

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